Since 2008, commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Anaheim, California have experienced the remarkable abilities of Coastal Steam Carpet Care’s specialists. Being fully insured and licensed, Coastal Steam Carpet Care provides an array of services. We are reputably known for executing premium results, friendly customer services, and upholding a high standard of morals as we combine our technician’s skills with the use of exclusive professional grade products and equipment. Included in our wide range of services, we offer carpet cleaning services to business owners and homeowners.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain & Odor Removal

Commercial businesses and residential homes in the Greater Anaheim, California area featuring carpets know the struggle of keeping them clean. Coastal Steam Carpet Care can get your home’s or business’s carpets cleaned, extracting the deeply rooted debris of dirt, dust, allergens, pollutants, and other forms of debris to revitalized the overall appearance of your carpet. With our level of clean, stubborn stains are lifted, high traffic patterns obliterated, and pungent odors removed to reveal the beauty your carpets have to offer.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial business’s carpets can experience a lot of daily abuse. Between customers and staff members walking through the building, tracking in assortment of filth, along with increased probability of accidental spills, your carpets can quickly take a turn for the worst if left neglected and lack a minimum of an annual professional clean from Coastal Steam Carpet Care. With our leading experts performing a carpet cleaning on your commercial carpets, your business can experience an instant face lift.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential homes found in Anaheim, California and surrounding areas can attest to the beneficial gain of having professionally clean carpets from Coastal Steam Carpet Care. Stubborn stains, traffic patterns, and daily grit deposits can make your carpets look old, dingy, and dull. After a professional clean from Coastal Steam Carpet Care your home’s carpet will shine and be odor free to enhance the fresh and youthful appearance of your carpet. Pet accidents, food and beverage spills, along with other daily trekked in dirt, mud, allergens, and pollutants are thoroughly removed to clean, sanitize and deodorize your Anaheim, California home’s carpets.

Steam Carpet Cleaning & Hot Water Extraction

It is recommended by all the top professionals that your carpets are professionally cleaned once a year. Even newly installed carpet, or carpets that don’t appear dirty should be treated annually. During Coastal Steam Carpet Care professional carpet cleaning service for example, the dirt and debris that has settled to the bottom of your carpet cannot be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and a professional cleaning can extract those particulates before damage can ensue. When there is a layer of dirt and grit, simply walking on the carpet then creates a sanding like action, causing your carpets to prematurely deteriorate from the bottom up.

Carpet Care Tips

In additional to regular professional cleaning, be sure to follow these steps to better care for your carpets.
– Vacuum daily. The more dirt that is prevented from settling minimizes the sanding effect down the line.
– Tend to any spills or accidents immediately before stains set in.
– Do not allow water to over-saturate as this could cause water damage and even mold outbreaks.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Orange, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach & Anaheim, California

Coastal Steam Carpet Care is passionate about our services and look forward to cleaning your Greater Anaheim, California commercial business’s or residential home’s carpets. Call us today to get started!